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Sitting and Retaining Walls in Fort Wright, KY

Concrete and Hardscape Projects in Fort Wright, KY

Sitting and Retaining Walls

Sitting and retaining walls from ESG can make a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor spaces. We do all our hardscape design and Installations. Not only do retaining walls hold back dirt, water, or vegetation, they also make excellent sitting walls and provide a structured touch to exterior landscaping.

 Exterior Hardscape Design and Installations

Our highly-trained professionals are qualified to do design and install both sitting and retaining walls. While the general design plan for sitting and retaining walls tends to be dictated by the land’s natural contour, there is still ample room for customization and a personal touch. Sitting and retaining walls of the past often looked cold and industrial. Fortunately, today’s market offers a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors to enhance the appearance of both the wall and your outdoor space as a whole.

We are certified installers for Reading Rock paver products along with Allan Block segmental wall products  Exterior Hardscape Design in Fort Wright, KY Hardscape Design and Installations in Fort Wright, KY 
Popular Wall Materials:
·         Allan Block Retaining Walls

·         Pavestone Retaining Walls

·         Unilock

·         Techo-Bloc

3D Model for Sitting and Retaining Walls in Fort Wright, KY Hardscape work Fort Wright, KY
Block segmental wall products.

 Popular Wall Materials

Allan Block Retaining Walls

Pavestone Retaining Walls



 Retaining Wall Design and Installation

Hiring a professional company to handle the interior and exterior hardscape design and installations for your home is definitely recommended since a degree experience and engineering is frequently required. We have many years of experience with fabricated interlocking concrete blocks and are able to build structures that are both functional and visually interesting. We always create our sitting and retaining walls from environmentally safe materials in order to maintain our environmentally friendly approach.

 Functional Sitting Walls &  Retaining Walls

ESG has been designing and installing exterior hardscape design and eye-catching and functional sitting and retaining walls for the Northern KY & Cincinnati area for many years. We are an experienced team that is able to make the finished product both customized to the requirements of the land and personalized to your hardscape design and installations preferences so that every customer will be pleased with the result.

 Paver Patios

The outdoor living spaces built by ESG start with expertly-crafted patios.  ESG can create an exterior hardscape design and create a patio for your home that will perfectly suit your lifestyle. Whether you prefer the look of a paver patio, natural stone patio, or poured concrete, ESG can create a custom space that you’ll never want to leave.

 Outdoor Living Space Design

 With all the options available for exterior hardscape design and installations these days, your patio and outdoor living space can be completely customized. ESG makes sure to discuss every detail of your dream patio with you in order to ensure that the completed project will be a valuable and beautiful investment. Our experienced and certified staff is capable of designing and installing a wide range of concrete and hardscape projects and outdoor patio styles, including paver patios, from start to finish.

 Countless Paver Patio Ideas

With all of the advancements in the styles and selections of patio materials, hardscape design and installations using ESG can create practically any effect you can imagine. Paver patios made of concrete or clay are extremely popular due to their simplicity and natural beauty. Pavers come in various shapes, styles, and colors so that you can mix and match to build a patio that is completely unique and personalized. When ESG uses interlocking pavers, there is virtually no limit to the size or shape of your paver patio.

 Patio Design

Adding a patio to your home’s exterior will create an outdoor living space worthy of any occasion. You can add sitting and retaining walls around your patio. Whether you prefer to enjoy your patio solo, or you love to entertain friends and family, outdoor living designs from ESG will create a space you’ll want to spend all of your time in.

Paver Patio

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