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Professional Concrete Contractor Serving Kentucky 

Long-lasting, affordable, and beautiful: the right concrete surface is all that and more. At Environments Service Group, LLC, we’re proud to install concrete flatwork that not only withstands the elements and the test of time but also looks good doing it. Our experience and attention to detail make us the ideal professional concrete contractor for Kentucky home and business owners. Contact us today to request an estimate for your concrete project.

Traditional & Decorative Flatwork for Homes & Businesses

Concrete flatwork offers more design possibilities than you might think. Our flat concrete services fall into two categories: traditional and decorative. Most basement and garage floors, driveways, patios, and sidewalks fall under traditional. Their core purpose is delivering foundational support, ease of access, or both. 

Decorative work is colored and/or stamped to create eye-catching designs. For example, you might install a stamped driveway to boost your curb appeal and show off your property’s distinct character. Likewise, a colored patio will attract praise from guests at your backyard get-togethers. 

Talk to our professional concrete contractors to explore all the possibilities for your home or business. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the installation process, decorative options, and more.

Concrete Flatwork and Concrete Surfaces

Commercial and residential concrete flatwork and concrete surfaces can be performed on inside and outside concrete surfaces to add value and prestige to your property. When flatwork and concrete and hardscape projects are used as a flooring material, it can bring durability, strength, and decoration for a very low price.

Concrete Flatwork Contractor Benefits

Environmental – When it comes to a commercial and residential concrete flatwork and concrete surfaces contractor, ESG benefits aren’t limited to the job. Concrete and hardscape projects is very eco-friendly to the environment as it does not release toxins into the atmosphere. It is completely natural and does not emit tar based residues into the ground. The material is also non-combustible, which is safer for you.

Commercial and Residential Concrete Flatwork Fort Wright, KY

Concrete flatwork and concrete and hardscape projects contractor: how long does it last?

Longevity – Flatwork and concrete surfaces last longer than brick, stone, and asphalt, which need very little maintenance to retain its beauty. It also absorbs very little moisture, which reduces the risk of flaking and warping in humid climates. This makes it an ideal material for use in and around businesses and homes. We do commercial and residential concrete flatwork.

ESG | Concrete Flatwork and Concrete Surfaces Contractor

With ESG as your licensed and insured concrete contractor, you also don’t have to worry about workplace accidents. We insure our workers, test our workers, and always use the right person for the job. As one of the areas most experienced commercial and residential concrete flatwork contractors, we bring professionalism and practiced craftsmanship to every job. When you need flatwork built to spec and poured to last, call (859) 581-8100, or call Scott Plewke at 859-750-9812.

A Licensed and Insured Concrete Flatwork Contractor you can Trust

Concrete and Hardscape Projects Fort Wright, KY Licensed and Insured Concrete Contractor Fort Wright, KY Concrete flatwork and concrete surfaces Fort Wright, KY

ESG has become a trusted local choice for commercial and residential concrete flatwork and concrete surfaces of the highest quality since 2003 in Northern KY & Cincinnati, OH, as well as, a member of Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky. Flatwork can provide your property with a perfectly level foundation, stunning patio, and more, but only if you choose the right concrete flatwork and concrete surfaces contractor.

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